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Damage to roofing tiles Home Ownership Made Easier

As a homeowner, there is enough stress dealing with constant maintenance. You shouldn't have to worry about what sudden event Mother Nature may throw your way. Allgood Roof Systems can put your mind at ease as the storms come through. We offer FREE roof inspections for storm damage and other roof maladies. If we do find issues, we can help guide you though the repair or replacement process. Allgood can help you through insurance catastrophe claims, or simple repair jobs. Either way, when we're through... it's Allgood!

Remember that Allgood Roof Systems is here to help! We offer free, no obligation inspections of your entire property.

Roofing ventilation damage Why Choose AllGood?

Allgood Roof employs State Licensed Public Adjusters. We are legally able to represent the policyholder during an insurance claim. As a result Allgood has had great success with nearly every insurance company on the market. We know their policies and can use them in your favor. You will work directly with the same Allgood representative from beginning to end, not be flip-flopped from one department to another. From gutters and siding to interior ceilings and floors, we will make sure you get the money necessary to make quality repairs. We even provide a lifetime warranty on workmanship for your roof!

At Allgood we know that our customers are expecting the highest quality construction possible. We strive to be the VERY BEST in our industry and we do that by Over-Engineering every roof we install. We use Fiberglass Reinforced Felt on steep roofs instead of the 15 lb felt that the discount roofers use. This means less wrinkles, longer life, and a safer working environment for the crew to walk on. We use Ice and Water Shield in valleys AND under all flashing zones. Most companies will place it in the valleys if they use it at all, but will neglect the other roof penetrations. With the ice and water under flashing zones it gives a third layer of protection at the most vulnerable spots on your roof for leaks. We also Double Boot every plumbing stack. Plumbing stacks usually have rubber boots installed that last between 5-7 years. Allgood adds a second layer of thick rubber on top called a rain collar that extends the life of the boot by an additional 10-12 years. We REPLACE EVERY chimney flashing, while most companies "assess" and caulk your flashing for a limited/temporary fix. We do ALL this so that we don't have call backs for repairs, but for referrals.

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